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Catching Up With J-Pop #4

Oh, J-Pop! How I’ve neglected you T^T I’m so sorry. But for now, let’s make a list of my favorite J-Pop songs that have recently come out!

Juice=Juice “Everlasting Story

For those of you wondering, they are not naked. In fact, according to a YouTube comment (yes, I trust these, since I don’t speak Japanese and they’re probably more connected to J-Pop news than I am), that the leader, Yuka Miyazaki, had explained in the latest Hello!Project station that they were in fact not naked during the shooting of the video; they were wearing clothes below their collarbone. They wanted it to appear like that, to make it seem like they were singing their true emotions and feelings.

Holy shit you guys, the album was released already. WE DON’T HAVE TO WAIT MONTHS AND MONTHS TO PURCHASE IT! YES, THIS IS WHAT I WANT, JAPAN!

Buy the album,  “First Squeeze!” on iTunes! US iTUNES!


AngermeExtreme Hardships,” “Ups and Downs,” “Sally The Witch


I personally liked “Ups and Downs” the best! “Sally the Witch,” I guess, used to be a popular anime and the girls are putting their whimsical spin on a tribute song to the show. All I can really say about “Extreme Hardships” is that, isn’t that the warehouse from “Tiki Bun?”


Pre-order the album on iTunes!


Dance Earth Party Featuring Skatalites from J Soul Brothers Beautiful Name

So I wasn’t going to originally add this but the song and music video are so cute it would be a crime not to.


FREAKI Promise You

I fucking love this group. I fucking love this song. I fucking love this video.



Koda KumiEX TAPE

I love this song, it’s so fucking perfect. Not Namie perfect, but Koda perfect, y’know?

UGH! Look at that sassy biatch. Love her so much T^T This is from her latest album, “Summer of Love,” and it’s going to be released on the 22nd!


lol-エルオーエル-Shake Shake,” “fire!

So, I saw “fire!” first, and was really disappointed because of the overuse of autotune. I wasn’t going to give “Shake, Shake” a chance, but I did and I’m SOOOO glad I did.

U guise.


GUISE…I love them. The only thing is, for future releases, ease up on the auto-tune, the members are quite vocally talented and have no need for it.

Also the dancing is awesome. Their debut single will be released August 12th!


And that’s it for my update in J-Pop! Hopefully I’ll stay caught up! Until…you know, KCON. I’m not bringing my laptop, so if I do post, it’s gonna be pretty short cuz I hate typing on my phone.

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