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Super Junior’s ‘Devil’

So let’s cut to the chase. Super Junior has released the Special Album, “Devil,” recently.

What do I think of it




Eh, lets say there are 10 tracks. I like 3. They have failed me. I like “Devil,” even though the first impression was so-so. I love it now only after two listens, the initial one, and now.

My second favorite song is “Stars Appear…” and last but not least, “We Can” by Super Junior K.R.Y.

The album also features Super Junior-T (Love At First Sight) and Super Junior-M (Forever With You), D&E (Don’t Wake Me Up), as well as a song featuring 5 out of the currently active 9, “Simply Beautiful.”

There are a few tracks with the whole group besides “Devil” and “Stars Appear…”, and they are “Good Love,” “Rock N’ Shine!,” and “Alright.”

The last four tracks are greetings from Super Junior! Siwon‘s was so adorable it melted my heart, but I also cringed because the script they gave him was just so awkward.

Watch the music video here:


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Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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