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N-White, otherwise styled as N*White, are a girl group from J&J Entertainment and debuted in 2013 as a four member girl group.

Lin-A, Soohyun, Hakyung, and Subin made the original line up in 2012 before they officially debuted.

In 2013 they released their first single, “Hello Boy.” However, they would never get to perform on a live stage as four members, since Lin-A left the group in 2014.

They came back with “Paradise” as a three member unit in July 2015, and plan to continue as such.

I think this girl group is adorable and has potential. And actually, I got this information from a very well researched fan run tumblr blog, aenwaiteu, so please check them out if you’d like to learn more about N-White!

Enjoy their two music videos here:


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