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Random Music Monday: LADYBABY

I don’t know what screams, “Welcome to J-Pop, Normal is just a state of mind” more than LADYBABY.

Two Japanese girls and a grown white man…every single member…in a dress.

Ladybeard (the man) is an Australian cross dressing ‘kawaii-core’ singer who combines death metal and wrestling into his routines.


He has teamed up with teen Japanese idols Kaneko Rie and Kuromiya Rei to form LADYBABY.

The group is sponsored by Clearstone, who provide their costumes and sell them.


By the way, apparently, do NOT Google Rei, there is something about her and child porn, I don’t know, I’m not taking that chance.

Anyway, this is their first single and it’s set to be released on July, 29th.

Check out their music video for their debut single, “Japan Manju” here:











Source: LADYBABY YouTube

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