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MIN of ST.319’s ‘Shine Your Light’ Feat. JustaTee

So. MIN of ST.319 has made two comebacks this year. While I will focus on “Shine Your Light,” she previously released the single, “Y.Ê.U,” with an EDM and acoustic version, as well as the song, “I ♥ You (I Heart You).” This was her 3rd single since her debut last year.

“I ♥ You” features Eric of the ST Trainees, and I personally love this song better. But there’s no music video T^T

Watch “Y.Ê.U” here:


Now, on to her latest single, “Shine Your Light,” featuring JustaTee. This is the title track to her new mini album of the same name, and features not only the past two singles, but a new version of “Get Out,” as well as the Beat version of “Shine Your Light.”

I’m trying to download it from, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Alternatively, you can purchase both the single and the mini album (well, here it’s just a single) on the US iTunes store, here(s) and here(Shine Your Light single)!

On the Viet site “Shine Your Light” is a full mini album, whereas the US store it’s just the one single and instrumental, which is complete BS, I really wanted the mini album.

It was released on June, 26th, and the main title track was composed by Rhymastic.

Like MIN?






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