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FAKY is Returning To J-Pop!

After a long hiatus, FAKY will be returning. Nothing necessarily new has been announced, all they’re saying is that the group is, “new, and revamped!

However, according to a particular YouTube comment:

Anna, Lil’ Fang, Mikako are still in FAKY, if you follow their Instagram. Both Tina and Diane left FAKY. Tina went back to the United States and will be studying in a University in Florida. I’m not sure what happened to Diane though.

Well, if that’s true, it sucks eggs. Diane’s voice was wonderful, and Tina had so much sass. How you gonna replace THAT? And after they stole my heart?

Of course, Mikako holds my heart, really ❤ But OT5 FAKY will always be my favorite.

Will they replace members? Will they continue as three? Does this person really know what’s going on? Because I haven’t heard anything.

We’ll all find out now, won’t we?

This comeback information was from their newsletter! They’re having a contest right now, subscribe to their newsletter here for more details!

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Source: FAKY newsletter

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