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Friday Flicks: Masked Prosecutor

Okay, so I’m six episodes from finishing it, but I’m waiting until tomorrow so that I can sit in bed and binge watch it. Of course, I’m using DramaFever, and they are having issues with licencing agreements, so I have to wait two weeks after they air in Korea to watch them, but it’s high quality, I don’t have commercials, and yeah.

Okay, so I started watching this after I finished “Blood,” which by the way, is fucking fantastic and will make you sob your eyes out. I didn’t know who was crying harder the last two episodes, me or Gu Hye Sun.

Anyway, I decided to watch this, because…well…I’m just going to put this out there.

Joo Sang Wook is hot as fuck. Goddamn. Call the police and the fireman because I am having a heart attack with all that grown ass sexiness.

I mean, look at this:

oh my gawd
oh my gawd
my poor heart
my poor heart
i can't even
i can’t even


And then look at this piece of shit with clothes on:

go away
go away
make it stahp
make it stahp


Can you BELIEVE this man? How can one be so goddamn sexy AND adorable?

Putting my life ruiner aside, “Masked Prosecutor” just finished airing in Korea, setting record ratings as it finished.

It has 16 episodes, and I finished episode 10…last week? Yeah, anyway.

It’s about Ha Dae Chul who grows up in an orphanage, and one day his birth father shows up with a crackpot story, and he ends up living with him.

He grows up to be a prosecutor, thanks to dear old dad, but on the side, he’s a masked vigilante who takes care of the criminals when the law won’t.

While growing up, he has a crush on a girl who grows up to become a police officer.

They end up at working in the same district and he’s her lead prosecutor.

I can’t tell you anymore, but there are hi-jinks, but there’s more action than anything, but it was real slow. Like, I wasn’t that interested until episodes 3-5, and usually if I’m not hooked by the end of 1 or 2, I end it.

I tried to, but…Joo Sang Wook T^T

You can watch it on DramaFever!

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