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Morning Musume Makes A Comeback

After Sayumi left, I wallowed in pity. And wallowed

And wallowed

and wallowed.

However, Morning Musume moved on and added 4 members after her departure, bringing the total members from 10 to 13.

The music videos released in order are “Right Here Right Now,” “An Adolescent Boy is Crying, ” and “The Sunset After The Rain.” The single was released back in April.

The first song is the ending theme to an anime, and the other two were released as the group’s 58th single.

T^T I love them so much! I don’t have a bias…unless you count Karin from Juice=Juice when she was visually stepping in for member Kanon while she was recovering from being sick or something, from what I understand.

Oh…mai gahd. I finally have a new bias. Her name…is Mizuki. ❤

That is all

Watch the music videos here:




Like the songs? Buy the mini album on iTunes! (Does not include anime ending theme song)

Like Morning Musume?








Source: Morning Musume ’15 YouTube

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