Country Girls Can’t Stop Being Sorry

Country Girls have finally made a comeback! However, they’re missing a member.

Member Shimamura‘s parents disagreed with the contract she signed with H!P, and since in Japan underage idols parents’ have the power when it comes to contracts, they had to let her go when the parents asked.

Japan is pretty cool with letting members go when they want, unlike Korea, where they have to legally stick out their contract or fight it, which could take a while.

However, continuing on to the music  video, the drawing slides were done by member, Yamaki, who confirmed that in her personal blog.

I think the plot is cute, and i thought it was adorable how Mai played the boy part >_> /internally screams at all the awkward cuteness/

This is the song, “I Know But I’m Sorry,” from their second single, “わかっているのにごめんね/ためらい サマータイム.” It will be available on August 5th!

Watch the music video here:


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Source: Country Girls YouTube

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