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Jhameel: Mind Over Matter

A couple days ago I received an email from Jhameel, asking if I would cover his latest single, “Mind Over Matter.”

Well of COURSE I’m going to.

In the email he described the song as,

“Mind Over Matter”- a lush, ethereal pop anthem seething with dark, seductive imagery. The song deals with the corrupt sexuality and loneliness of modern existence inspired by my new life here in Los Angeles.

My hope is to inspire my fans to embrace their emotions of insecurity and doubt.

In the Facebook post he shared with the world, he went a little more in depth, describing a conversation with his brother,

Life is not as black and white as I once thought it was. I was traveling in Thailand when I said this to my brother Adrian. He told me to “take pride in navigating the Sea of Gray” -the uncomfortable truths in life that are difficult to discern as “black” or “white”. The events in my past that I thought were unfair, my fears and doubts, even my flaws and insecurities. In this new era of music, I want to expose all of me, both the good and bad, and in acceptance learn to navigate my own Sea of Gray.

I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do. Lyrics are posted below the video:


It’s mind over matter but
I can see it all through the eyes of god

It’s still mind over matter but
I can feel it all through an empty heart

Late at night I’m touching myself
and I just need you to help
cause I can’t take anymore

I’m living in waking hell
only memory sacred still
girl help me lose myself
I won’t make it

step in my beat
you can feel it like heat
spreading like a stain in a diamond sea
just a memory
is that what you wanna be
feeling like hell in a sunlit breeze

board the airplane
and I’m telling more lies
looking at the clouds as they mimic our life
then I saw it
just a hint of the knife
lick off the blood from the ominous rise

back in LA
and I’m feeling your eyes
hiding in the corridor running from the light
then I say it
cause the truth cuts deep
everything I lost is everything you need

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