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Random Music Mondy: The Little Prince

I found this indie gem of PERFECTION just floating around my subscriptions and thought I’d take a listen.

Park Gyuri of KARA, and  From The Airport have teamed up for this collaboration titled, “The Little Prince.” And it’s golden.

Watch the music video here:


Okay, so I read the info box and apparently, it’s not just a single,

KARA’s Gyuri and From The Airport together release the album [The Little Prince] which is a synth pop and electro rock album, based on electro pop. The collaboration of these artists began in hopes of showing Gyuri’s new take on music, completely different from what the public is used to seeing. Her unique, charmingly pure voice stands out even more in this team effort with From The Airport.

The title song “The Little Prince” is a synth based track with warm sentiments. And “Return” is a charming track that combines electric guitar and electro sounds.

You know what that means right? That I DOUBLY need the album now.

It’s not available for download yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for y’all! Well, and myself.



Source: DSPKARA YouTube

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