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Anda Has The Magic ‘Touch’

Anda, aka Andamiro has gone through a company and name change, but the sass and talent have stayed the same.

Her latest single, “Touch” is not only super catchy and being played on repeat all throughout my house, but it’s also quite provocative.

It shows Anda not only dancing with only females, but surrounded by entangled female bodies in booty shorts and undershirts, as well as in a bathtub with another woman.

With all these, shall we call them, ‘lesbian undertones,’ she’s making a huge impact on her viewers and fans.

As far as I know, homosexuality is taboo in Korea, and usually when I do see it in K-Pop it is either

a) shock value


b) fan service

Either way you paint this picture Anda has made a comeback. Watch the music video here:


Like the song? It’s great. The second song on the mini album, “It’s Goin Down” featuring the Quiett is pretty good too. Pick it up on iTunes!

Like Anda?

Emperor Ent.

I’d list more, but all their plugs are pretty much empty. And I’m too tired to try to find out if Anda has separate plugs. Last time I looked, I had no luck either.




Source: kt music YouTube

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