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Journey to KCON 2015: Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!

Yes, it is THAT time of year again. Time to dig into those piggy banks and throw all your money down the drain on flights, hotels, swag, and concerts because it is KCON time!

What am I doing this year when it comes to tickets? Let’s see…

The ticket site I used last year is my cheapest option for where I am, so I will once again be using KAYAK.

This year since I’m booking a little farther out, it’s a bit cheaper. The opportune window for airplane tickets is about 49 days from what I’ve learned. Depending (on chance, really), you can get them super cheap either 49 days out or the day before your flight.

Right now, I can save up to $200. And I will.

As far as hotels go, if you follow EYK, you know they use AirBnB, which is what I and my group plan on using.

Last year we went through a hotel, and if you’ve read up on my 2014 KCON adventures, you’ll know that was a not-too-great experience.

This year I figured I’d try it out and suggested it to my friends. They think it sounds good, so let’s see where it goes from there.

Last year we paid about $70 for our hotel, this year, if all goes well we’ll be paying around $38 each.

Which makes room for those KCON ticket expenses, the tickets are actually cheaper this year than they were last year. Not to mention now the KCON con pass is now a separate fee and you’ll have to shell out an extra $25. Also there’s that $800 platinum package…waaay to broke to afford that tho.

Ticket Info Below:


(For more info, visit kconusa!)

Despite this, I am unequivocally excited. I can’t wait to see my friends again and to feel the ocean at my feet once more.

Here I come, Cali! Wait for me.

2 thoughts on “Journey to KCON 2015: Tickets, Tickets, Tickets!

  1. Hope you have fun! I have made the decision not to go this year because I’m saving for the Big Bang concert in October haha. Plus, the LA line up so far isn’t THAT great in my opinion. They’re all groups that I like, not love. Nonetheless, have fun! I’m looking forward to your post afterwards hehe.


    1. I adore Shinhwa and even though my love for SuJu has slightly waned, seeing them in concert would be fantastic! Not to mention of course I’m going to see Danny Im of 1TYM MC that shiz. Have fun at the BIGBANG concert, my friend is going as well! In fact she’s practically touring with them, with all the shows she’s going to. Wish I could see them someday.

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