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SHINee ‘Odd’ and ‘View’ Review

SHINee made a comeback two days before my birthday this year with their 4th album, “Odd.”

Let’s get down to business.

1. Odd Eye – It’s okay. Really laid back sound and there’s that haunting note in the chorus from Jonghyun.

2. Love Sick – Very catchy and upbeat.

3. View – The title single from the album. The chorus is super catchy and oh my god. I fucking love this song. Of course it’s  my favorite from the album.

Watch SHINee get chicks and Minho get laid in the music video here:


4. Romance – Super upbeat. And for some reason the instrumental and vocal melody remind me of “Sonic and Tales.”

5. Trigger – its a mix between slow jam and a dance track. Interesting, but I LOVE it!

6. Farewell My Love – Just…all the yes. Just…yes. Love this song.

7. An Ode To You – Kinda slow. It’s not that it’s not nice, just really slow.

8. Alive – It’s an okay song. Upbeat but it didn’t really catch me.

9. Woof Woof – Upbeat, catchy, there’s BRASS. Yes. I like this very much. All the jazz.

10. Black Hole – The title sounds like it would have a spooky, angry or sad feeling but it’s so happy. I love it!

11. An Encore – Oh, the harmonies. I love it. A perfect ending to another SHINee album.

Overall, I ADORE the album. There are a few songs where they aren’t blowing my mind, but the overall feel is fantastic and upbeat.

Like “Odd”? By the album on  iTunes!

Like SHINee?






Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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