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All That Hype, But How Does ‘EXODUS’ Fare?

This is WAYYYYY late, but was “EXODUS” worth the wait? What about the repackage, “Love Me Right?”

I’m never disappointed by any overall work from EXO. Their writers are usually on point and I always love the title single…even if it’s weird as shit. *cough cough “Wolf” *cough cough.

1. Call Me Baby – Only my favoritest song from the album. UGH! And the dance is fantastic.


2. Transformer – It’s good. Not super mind-blowing, but it’s a solid song.

3. 시선 둘, 시선 하나 What If… –  I like it. Goddamn. Bring on the slow jams. All of them.

4. My Answer – It’s okay. Its really slow, too slow for me. There’s no real climax where I’m clutching my heart in fear of a heart attack.

5. EXODUS – ah, the title track. It’s pretty damn catchy.

6. El Dorado – Their writer needs to learn some Spanish or something because when they say, ‘find the El Dorado,’ they’re saying, ‘find the the road.’ alright Moon Moon. Otherwise it’s a good song. Not blowing my socks off or anything. But it’s good.

7. Playboy – I really like the song, the harmonizing, the guitar, everything.

8. Hurt – A little more badass than I expected. I honestly thought this would be a ballad since all the other songs titled ‘Hurt’ are. But I like it. A lot. A lot a lot. Second favorite song next to ‘Call Me Baby.’

9. 유성우 流星雨 Lady Luck –  It’s a solid song, but it’s not like I’d put it on repeat, y’know?

10. Beautiful – It’s serene and so wonderful. Isn’t it nice that 10 boys think you’re beautiful? Feels nice.


(1) Love Me Right – To be quite honest, this is the first time that I’m not head over heels for the title track to an EXO album. The chorus is super catchy and the beat is great, I’m just not losing my shit over it, y’know?


(2) Tender Love – THIS song should have been the comeback single. It’s so catchy and wonderful and it’s amazing! Hands down favorite new song from the repackage.

(10) First Love – It’s good. Not as good as ‘Tender Love,’ but I like it.

14. EXO 2014 – Givin’ me the feels. It’s an amazing song and I just love the way they harmonize here.

Verdict? Love 8 out of the 14 songs. 6 of the songs are okay.

Like the album? Buy the original and repackage on  iTunes!

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