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Random Music Monday: Catching Up on K-Pop (Round #2)

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

I’ve been working a lot so time management for my blog and other projects gets screwed over in the process, especially now that I’m working regularly again.

I said I would have two, but someone screwed that over for a group of us part timers, and now its just one. But I’ll have my hands full with the one for awhile, so it’s all good.

However, it’s not like I HAVEN’T seen what’s going on in K-Pop, so let’s go with some new stuff that I haven’t covered yet.

Well duh, that’s the point of ‘catching up,’ now isn’t it?

I’ll leave the musicians with the bigger impact on my soul and sanity to their own articles, so these are the little blips that made it onto my radar, and into my heart…or brain. Both, either, eh.

J.Y.P‘s “Who’s Your Mama?” Feat. Jessica H.O


To be quite honest, I like the sound of the song even if it’s rather superficial. On the other hand, Jessica H.O’s part was…mediocre. I love Jessi with all my heart. But as a singer, not a rapper.

But hey, rock your shit girl. Her rapping isn’t my cup of tea, but if a rap part were to be here, I guess hers is best. I’d really hate to see Jia or Taec…you know what, never mind, put Taec in.

24KHey You


24K hasn’t had a comeback since 2013 with “U R So Cute.” I was really hoping for something that would blow me out of the water. However, that’s not what I received.

Just another boyband pulling off the ‘badass’ schoolboy concept. I’m so tired of it. and the sad part is 24K are better than this. Have you HEARD them SANG? Not ‘sing,’ no, my boys are golden.

I get that this might get them views, but their talent is what  catches my attention and that’s what makes this such a disappointment. This isn’t their sound.

It sounds like every other ‘nugu’ boy band.



I’m going to say it. The first thing that popped into my head when I first watched this was, “4Minute or SISTAR could do it better/are more fit for this song than DalShabet.”

It’s nothing against the group, but I feel that the sound of this song is too mature for their vocal ability.

It has nothing to do with them not being ‘sexy’ enough, but the majority of the girls…sound like middle schoolers. I get that they’re used to aegyo and such sounding songs.

But it just turned out okay.



Theyre. So. Fucking. CUTE. They have surely stolen my heart and have given me diuhbeetus.

Girlfriend has some competition for my favorite rookie girl group of the year. As of right now.

But what do you expect from B1A4‘s sister group?



It’s a great song, and the choreography is sexy, too sexy if you ask me. And as Tey biased as I am, I felt that there was too much Tey.

So that’s what I got. That’s what YOU got from ME. I’m emotionally exhausted and I might talk about that on my more personal blog, but for right now, please enjoy these music videos and songs.

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