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REMOTE GIRL☆ ‘Relax in the City’

I got an email recently (well, not so, recently) about a 4TE side project called, REMOTE GIRL☆. Originally REMOTE GIRL☆ consisted of 2 members, Chii and Alexander (PromWolf). Jenny, of 4TE is a new addition to the band as both their bassist and back up vocalist.

They mainly focus on J-Rock and J-Rock covers, but they’ve also covered some pop material, such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. They do have an original work, “Natsu no Omoide,” which you can view here:


I wasn’t able to reach them within the allotted time to gain access to exclusive previews and such, but enjoy their cover of Perfume‘s “Relax in the City.”

Enjoy the cover in its blissful, flowery splendor. The song is light and sweet with a dreamlike atmosphere as they travel about and sing in a garden as Chii and Jenny sing and PromWolf and Jenny jam out on guitars.


Like this group?


Google+ (Chii’s)

YouTube (Chii’s)

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