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Friday Flicks: Blood

This is a drama that I’ve been meaning to watch. It has Gu Hye Sun in it, of course I’m going to watching…EVENTUALLY!

I’ve been holding off because I know that once I start a drama, it consumes my life. I remember the 5-8 hour binges of “Birth of a Beauty” until I got caught up near the end.


Glorious, but terrible. So I’ve been holding off since I’m so busy recently.

BUT, I WILL watch it. But I’m gonna have to binge watch, because it’s 20 episodes and episode 16 is already out.

Title: Blood

Country of Origin: South Korea

Year: 2015

Genre: Romantic Medical Melodrama

Synopsis: Park Ji Sang (Ahn Jae Hyun) is no mere surgeon at the nation’s top oncological center: in fact, he’s a vampire. Under the watchful eye of hospital director Lee Jae Yook (Ji Jin Hee), Ji Sang manages to stave off his bloodlust, especially when his patients are at their most vulnerable. But when the beautiful surgeon Yoo Ri Ta (Gu Hye Sun) joins the team, Ji Sang discovers a slow-burning desire that could put his whole world at stake. Could there be more than hunger coursing through his veins — perhaps, love?

Watch “Blood” on Dramafever!

[EDIT 7/10/15]

Review: I like vampires. I like Gu Hye Sun. I LOVED this drama, hot damn, Ji Jin Hee, you can give me a check up ANYTIME. And so can you, Ahn Jae Hyun…and cute assistant Jung Hae In (Hyun Woo).

However, even though there are laughs, it’s ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, it just doesn’t stop! Also, there were a lot of tears.

I cried. A LOT. Especially the last three episodes. Like I said in one of my latest Friday Flicks reviews, I think I cried more than Gu Hye Sun in those last three episodes.

The ending was a little confusing, but after a little googling, it made more sense.

But seriously, I watched the SHIT out of this drama, and I HIGHLY recommend it!

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