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K & J Indie Picks 4.7.15

I’m doubling up on the indie since I’ve missed so much, and doing both Korean and Japanese.

Let’s get started shall we?

Fromm후유증‘ (feat. Minhyun of Nu’Est)


The song is light yet full of emotion, and in no part does Minhyun take over the song, and in fact, is a lovely addition. The music video is complete with English subs as well!

Buy her new album, “Moonbow” on iTunes!



Robbin숲이 되어


I found her as a suggested video on the side of Fromm’s music video, and decided to give her a listen.

I do not regret it. Not one bit. This song originally featured Sieun, but this is the studio version with Robbin performing by herself.

Buy the single on iTunes!





Let’s head on over to Japan and see what’s up.



Passepied never disappoint me. They’re back again and this time, with “TOKINOWA,” the title song to their latest single.

The band simply plays the song in front of a white background, with 360 degree camera angles, but the song is so high energy and addictive there’s really no need for visual fluff when the song is catchy enough on its own.

Great news! Some of their work is now on US iTunes! Not this, but some other stuff! Hooray!

The single will be released on April 29th!





flumpool ‘君に届け

Last but not least, let’s check out a new group I just recently heard of. And who could ignore them with a name like flumpool? Such an odd little name.

I like it.

This song is titled, “Kimi Ni Todoke,” which is from the anime of the same name, and was released in 2011 on their album, “Fantasia of Life Stripe.”

You might be asking yourself why I chose such an old song. Because it will be appearing on their 5th anniversary Best Of album, “Moment.”

The album was released back in December 2014.

Like flumpool?





Don’t forget to check back for more K & J Indie Picks!

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