Impending Hiatus, Yet Another Apology, and Other Stuff!

Hi everybody! I’m sorry to do this to you again, especially since I’ve been off my game for the past few weeks. I started going back to work and soon I’ll have two jobs.

Not only that, but I’m moving, AGAIN. My friend got rid of her shitty roommate and needs someone to room with. Since we’ve been besties for years and I have a (for the most part and soon to be again) steady income, she asked me. Of course I said yes.

So I’ll be moving this coming weekend, and she doesn’t have internet which means I’m going to have to pay for it myself. I can’t survive without internet, or else I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you guys!

I’m going to try to plan out some segments for you guys, so that at least the website won’t be empty. I’m so sorry for yet another hiatus.

On another note, I’ve started an exercise regime! Anyone else do Blogilates? I recently bought her book too. Can’t wait to get it! Cassey is a great trainer. So enthusiastic.

I also plan to get back to writing fanfiction. I got an email from a reader recently that asked if I was going to continue a certain fic, and my answer was of course yes. But I have Writer’s Block right now, for all 5-6 fics I’m writing at the moment, so whether you’re a reader of my fanfiction, and/or a blog subscriber, please be patient, and I’ll return soon!


Thank you for your understanding,


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