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miss A’s ‘Only You’ MV + Mini Album Review

miss A have FINALLY made a comeback! It’s been two years since “Hush,” and I’m glad they’re back.

The album is titled, “Colors,” and it was released yesterday. It contains six tracks, which include the lead single, “Only You,” which is catchy as hell!

The music video is ho hum, yet the choreo is fantastical.

Watch the music video here:


Eh, it’s an okay music video. The dancing is wonderful and I’d love a choreo version on set. I think that’d be awesome.

On to the album!

1. One Step – A smooth opening to a great album. I had to listen to this twice, just because the first time I got distracted, lol.

2. Only You – Catchy as hell. So far, my favorite song.

3. Love Song – I fucking love that violin. It’s already a catchy song and the violin over the beat is just, UGH!

4. Melting – There’s another song “Melting” by another group, and I expected a ballad, just like the other one. But my assumption was WRONG. And I’m glad. I genuinely really like this song, and the beat is sick~!

5. I Caught Ya – Is a funky rock song, while the other songs have been strictly dance/R&B. But I don’t find this song jarring, in fact it’s super catchy.

6. Stuck – It’s a really smooth R&B ballad and I love it. A lot.


Verdict? Every song is fucking perfect. I haven’t felt this way about an album in a long time. Way to go, ladies!

Not to mention, this album received an All-Kill! Congratulations!

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

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Source: JYP Entertainment Youtube

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