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Cheer Coke

Yeah, I saw some of you searching for these ladies! Which got ME curious. I’ve heard of them, but haven’t actually checked them out yet…until now!

They released a single back in 2011, called “Baby Love U,” and the company under the copyright is Soribada. I’m not sure if they’re still with them or not, I can’t find an official website.

However, I’ve found many other plug ins for y’all if you’re interested.

Watch a live performance of their single here:


They don’t have any music videos that I could find, but they have plenty of live videos on their official channel!

the description on their Facebook says they are a girl idol group, and that they’re concept is cheer leading, which you can see in their dance style.

Like the song? Buy the single on iTunes!

Like Cheer Coke?





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