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Catching up With C-ute!

C-ute has released some new material since the last time I heard from them, and I wasn’t able to cover them (or anything really) since I started working again.

Just to let you know, I have a new job AND I work part time at the bakery (sigh, I can’t escape) so I have two jobs, which will make blogging a lot harder, but the rewards of writing to you, my readers, that much sweeter when I have the time.

On to the cuteness!

The first music video they released this month on the 16th was “The Middle Management.” They are representing office working women as they talk about their fears of falling in love while they’re at a dinner party.

The music video is super simple, and as usual, there really isn’t anyone but them, but the message gets across.


This video was released on the 16th as well, is titled “Turn the Next Corner,” and shows the ladies performing in a tunnel and outside a chain fence. The outfits seem classy yet casual, and I like it.


The last video is “Gamusha Life,” and it’s about reflection of 10 years of hard work and friendship as this year marks the group’s 10 year anniversary!

If you look closely they’ve even written the names of past members in the graffiti on the wall behind them as a tribute to them and the group’s legacy.


Like these songs? The single drops April 1st, so don’t forget to pre-order on Amazon (J)!

Like C-ute?










Source: C-ute YouTube

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