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Red Velvet’s ‘Ice Cream Cake’ Album is Released [Review]

I just thought it deserved its own article since we’ve all been waiting for this FOREVER.

Let’s see how the rest of the album fares, shall we?

1. Ice Cream Cake – I’ve voiced my opinion here, but overall, sounds like it should be on a soundtrack to a child’s nightmare

2. Automatic – slow R&B track reminiscent of S.E.S, not really my thing but it doesn’t suck. I’ve covered it here if you want more of my opinion.

3. Something Kinda Crazy – YES!~ More cheerful, and I really like the mellow vibe, even though it’s upbeat. A nice car ride song through the country…or a walk on Venice beach *daydreams of Cali.

4. Stupid Cupid – Oh, this reminds me of several SNSD songs. I thought this would be a remake of the Connie Francis song (featured in “Princess Diaries“) but it’s completely different. I like it.

5. Take It Slow – It’s okay. Very dreamlike, but a bit slow for me.

6. 사탕 (Candy) – I…LOVE IT. Every time I see someone with a song titled ‘Candy’ I can’t help but think they might be trying to cover H.O.T, and I’m glad that this isn’t the case.

The song is super catchy and wonderful, and original.

Overall, the album has that mature vibe that SM threw them into with “Be Natural,” and they’ve stuck with it through this album. Though I miss the bouncy super happy Red Velvet from “Happiness,” I’m pleased to say that overall, I love the album

My rating? 3.5 out of 6. I don’t really like “Take It Slow,” and the ‘lalala’ parts from “Ice Cream Cake” give me nightmares.

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