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Random Music Monday: Tomomi Itano

I’ve heard of her only once before, when she released her 4th single last year, “Little.”

I didn’t think much of her then. Today I was looking for artists for RMM, when I happened upon Tomomi again. I didn’t recognize her name at first, until the third music video.

She graduated from AKB48 Team K on August, 25th, 2013, and debuted as a solo artist in 2011 while still in the group with “Dear J,” and made her first appearance separate from AKB48 in December of 2014 with her 6th single, “Come Party!

My favorite songs by Tomomi Itano are “1%” “Crush” “ふいに” and “Come Party.” I like “Man Up!” too, but there’s no music video T^T





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