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Frugal Fashionista: SAMMYDRESS

I ordered two garments from SAMMYDRESS back at the very beginning of February and just received them.

However, I DID have to contact customer service because I wanted to check up on my order, but no worries! It just arrived in the mail.

I do want to put it out there though, SAMMYDRESS and DressLily are run by the same company, which also run countless other online stores under different names but sell the same products. (Twinkledeals, Rosegal, etc) so if you order from them, just know that the majority of the clientele aren’t happy, and warn people to stay away.

I however, am no such person. I like the stores and shop with caution since there is no guarantee with online shopping, especially with clothes, but besides a few loose strings and misfits with tighter garments, I’ve had no problems.

I also keep in mind that over 90% of the clothes on this site are ‘free size,’ aka ‘one size fits all’ so keep that in mind as well when you visit these sites.

brit stripe

and on me:

11072067_10202582172115314_700113501_n 11075936_10202582172035312_1000760731_n


The garments fit pretty well. However, on my arms with the Brit tee, I can see the back design stretch and become dis-configured. So if that’s not what you’re into, I wouldn’t buy the top.

On the striped tee, I looked at the model to see what side was the ‘front’ because with these shops, they don’t really tell you since they don’t have tags at the top of the garments. This one fits perfectly.


Remember, shop with caution!

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