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Red Velvet’s ‘Ice Cream Cake’

Well, Red Velvet released the music video for “Ice Cream Cake” and to be quite honest…the beginning sounds like a child’s nightmare as they’re in an abandoned circus about to be murdered by a clown.


Creepy doesn’t just stay in the song, oh no. It has to be in the sets too. Abandoned and dusty, the girls prance around happily, with exploding balloons and such.

Which doesn’t make the song any less un-enjoyable. At this point

Automatic” > “Ice Cream Cake”

I’ll have to wait for the mini album since it’s not out yet to pass full judgement.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song?

The mini album is not out yet, so you won’t be able to download these songs…for now.

Like Red Velvet?




Web Page




Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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