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Red Velvet’s ‘Automatic’ Drops

I’ve been looking forward to the return of Red Velvet for some time now, and was rather surprised just like everyone else when new member Yeri was added.

New member aside, the girls have returned with a new single, “Automatic.” This single is from their first mini album, “Ice Cream Cake,” which will be released in a few days time.

“Automatic” is a slow R&B track with throwback vibes from, once again, S.E.S. Which is what I assume SM wants. S.E.S was their first girl group, and brought them a huge amount of success, and Red Velvet seems to be turning into their junior counterpart.

Here’s the problem for me: I fell in love with them upon debut because “Happiness” was an upbeat, addicting song and it was different from a lot of songs I had heard at the time.

Now they’re all R&B, which is nice, and they sound and look nice, it’s just not the group I fell in love with.

That is all.

Watch the music video here:


The song and album aren’t out yet.

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Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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