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My Top Favorite Korean American Artists in K-Pop

K-Pop has a plethora of Korean-put nationality here singers. A lot are from the US,  but there are some from Australia, or the UK, or other parts of Asia.

Today I’m showcasing my favorite Korean American K-Pop artists. Some are new, some are old, some you might not have even heard of, but I enjoy them all.

Danny Im of 1TYM

How can you not put him on your list? He’s attractive, can sing, rap, and he’s hilarious. If you don’t watch his show on Mnet America, you need to start.



She won a Miss Korea pageant in Washington, D.C. After the pageant, she garnered the attention of a music producer from Korea, who was impressed with her singing from the talent portion of the competition. She is still active, and recently (2013, actually) released the single “Happy Person.”


Jessica H.O

I originally found her via a music video for Pharoh, a rapper, but she’s the one who stole the spotlight for me. Hailing from New Jersey, she has a soulful voice and is currently participating in “Unpretty Rapstar.”

She kicked off her solo career in 2005, and has been relatively quiet until her participation in Lucky J and “Unpretty Rapstar.”


Teddy of 1TYM

Of course, this list would not be complete without the ultimate male bias, and bff of Danny Im, now would it?

He was born in Korea, grew up in NY, USA and moved to Cali where he met his friend Danny, and from what I heard on DFLA, auditioned for YG while Papa YG was lying in a hotel room, on the bed and he was just like, “Go. Sing Something.”

What an audition huh? But through training, from seven, to five to four members they finally debuted as 1TYM, my ultimate bias boy band.



Of course they’re here too! Jinu and Sean are both from Cali, and Sean was friends with Perry before any of them even joined YG. They debuted in 1997, and were YG’s first successful group after Keep6 flopped.


Tasha aka Yoon Mi Rae

Born Natasha Reid, she also goes by Yoon Mi Rae, and is considered the Hip Hop Maven of Korea.

Badass rap skills and an impeccable vocal ability make her one hell of an artist that you shouldn’t mess with.


Lee Michelle

Though quite young, she has a powerhouse voice, which I’m sure will just get better as she gets older.

She’s a former YG trainee, and was said to debut in SuPearls, but since the disbandment pre-debut, along with leaving YG, she has since joined DIMA Entertainment and has enjoyed success as a solo artist.



NOT including this young woman on my list would be a sin. She’s an amazing singer, hailing from New Jersey (damn NJ, got enough talent?) and debuted with “Heaven” in 2012 with YMC Entertainment.

Before that, she collaborated with fellow YMC singer as a trainee, Wheesung on MBC‘s “Singer and TraineeChuseok special. After her performance of “Halo,” she garnered a lot of attention and eventually emerged victorious.

I’d love to add more, but that would take forever.

Special mentions however include Eli and Kevin from U-KISS, Eric Nam, and Perry.

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