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Throwback Thursday: Shinvi

Let’s go with something uplifting this week. Like Shinvi! These girls were from Cid.K Ent, a subsidary of SM Ent.

They debuted in 2002 with their album, “15 to 30.” After promotions for their album wrapped up, the girls disappeared from the K-Pop scene, and SM altogether.

As for the girls today, member Soojin has become a model.

Sang Eun has done some work with Moon Heejun on his debut solo album, performed as Sandy in “Grease,” and performed in the production of “Chorus Line” (both in Korea). She now goes by the stage name Nemo and is signed with M Boat. Her first single was a duet with BIGBANG‘s Daesung.

Yoona passed her bar exam in 2010 after finishing her studies in law. This wasn’t reported by the media until 2012, but Nemo (Sang Eun) took to Twitter and asked that Yoona be left alone to live a normal life.

Here are their music videos for “Darling” and “To My Friend.”


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