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Nose Pack Comparisons [4 Brands]

I’ve always had problems with blackheads. Ever since I was a teen, and it has always been one of those things holding back my confidence.

No matter what scrub or wash I used, no matter how much I pinched and squeezed, I could never get rid of them.

So when I heard about pore strips, I got pretty excited. I bought three kinds and later a fourth, to test which brand (if any) would be right for me.

How to use pore strips: wet nose and surrounding area. place on nose, with tip matching your nose tip and smooth over.

Now leave it on for 10~15 minutes. Peel off and ta-da!

Look at strip. Be grossed out yet impressed.

1. Mizon Let Me Out Nose Strips

Nope. I peeled it off and nothing came off. Not to mention it’s not that sticky in the first place.

2. Holika Holika Pig Nose Strips

Same. Sorely disappointed. Cute packaging though.

3. Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack

Smells hella weird. However, I was surprised when this one actually worked, and worked well. So impressed, I bought more.

4. Tony Moly Egg White Pore Pack

Smells just as weird as Etude House, which gave me hope. I was not disappointed.

Conclusion? Etude and Tony win this round. I was really skeptical at first with this type of product, you know, having to rip it off my skin and all, but I’m pleasantly surprised and can say that these products, depending on the brand, do in fact work.

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