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Friday Flicks: The Kitchen Musical

So I was looking through Viki, as I do sometimes. And I spotted something.

A musical.

A musical about…cooking. 

I like cooking.

I like musicals. And it’s a series. Why not give it a go? This is “The Kitchen Musical,” and the series is (all except for maybe one episode) is on Viki!

I would also like to mention one little thing: In Singapore, the people’s first language is English, so it’s no surprise that the series is in English or that the actors’ accents are pretty damn perfect.

Because that’s their native language. Or so I’ve been told by Singaporeans. *shrugs.

I’m only saying this because I was seeing some comments asking why it was in English or people saying that they were surprised that it was in English.

the kitchen musical

Title: The Kitchen Musical 

Year: 2011

Country of Origin: Singapore

Genre: RomCom

Synopsis: A classically trained chef returns to her father’s restaurant to work, but what could be the secret reason that her father wants her there? Maddie Avilon (Karylle Tatlonghari) graduates from Le Cordon Bleu and returns to The Avilon to work as a sous chef under executive chef Alex Marcus (Stephen Rahman-Hughes). As Maddie struggles to show her skills under the overbearing chef, her childhood friend Daniel Ray (Christian Bautista), does his best to support her as a fellow sous chef. Selena Argon (Rosemary Vandenbroucke) is the restaurant’s sommelier who wants Maddie out of the way so that she can win Alex’s heart, while the general manager, Harry Shaw (Arthur Acuña), guards Maddie’s father’s true motives for her.

Anywho, check it out in all its awesomeness at Viki!

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