Worldwide Wednesday: Élan


/CRIES/ They’re coming back, and they’re coming to my state for their US tour, and I might go see them, and for the first time, I’ve pre-ordered a physical album from them.

It comes with a shirt! I might wear it to the concert if I go.

Anywho, “Élan” is the pre-release single from their upcoming album, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful.” The album will be released in the US on March 31st. Which means I probably won’t get my album til April.



It’s not as heavy as their past stuff, but from what I’ve read, this is going to be their ‘heaviest’ album to date, so don’t let the light Celtic rock fool you.

Anywho, yeah. This is their latest single, check it out:

Like the single? Buy it on iTunes! Want the album, pre-order on iTunes here or if you want the deluxe version, here.

Otherwise, if you want a physical copy of either “Élan” or the album, here and here.

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