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The Perfection That Is NamIn

So, I tried writing this a few days ago and I had a nice pageful of comments on how perfect this is how the two Queens of J-Pop and C-Pop had gotten together for this epic collaboration, and WordPress decided it was going to refresh the page WITHOUT ASKING ME, and deleted it.

So all I’m going to put is:

1) This collab is perfection

2) The only possible way this could have gotten any better is if BoA had joined (This NEEDS to happen)

3) Namie‘s English is still atrocious, but we love her anyway and my Japanese friend and I were pleasantly surprised to hear her sing in Chinese.

4) Click ‘cc’ for English subs!

Watch the music video here:


This is from Jolin‘s latest album, “rePLAY DELUXE INTERNATIONAL EDITION,” which is the one I bought. I’ve only found it on eBay, and since I bought the international edition with a Namie Amuro calendar and CD+DVD, it cost me roughly $40.

This album also contains the singles “PLAY” and “Medusa“!

It was released last November, apparently. But I was too busy to notice ;~; /creys/

Like Jolin?








Source: Jolin Tsai YouTube

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