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Amber’s ‘Shake That Brass’ + Mini Album ‘Beautiful’ Review

Amber is my bias in F(x).

F(x) is under-promoted, as many Aff(x)tion (our self given fan name, since we don’t have one yet…*glares at SM) can attest.

She has an album

and that album is…AWESOME!

There was a lot of hype for “Beautiful,” but I found it to be a rather generic song. “Love Run” is ok, but also on the generic side.

Amber has a lovely singing voice, and I’m glad that this mini album showcases that talent. I know a lot of us were assuming that it would be mostly a rap album, and I’m glad we were proven otherwise.

Speaking of songs again, I may not have loved those songs, but I absolutely ADORE “Heights” and “I Just Wanna,” featuring Eric Nam.

Not to mention, “SHAKE THAT BASS,” featuring Taeyeon of SNSD is the SHIZ!!!!! I adore that song and it was all that I was hoping for it to be.

The video is super colorful, a trademark of F(x), quirky, funny, and the dancing is of course, SM quality (that means good).

Look for cameos! Right off the bat I spotted Hyoyeon of SNSD, Jackson of Got7, and Brad of Busker Busker, just to name a few.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy her album, “Beautiful” on iTunes!

Like Amber?


Web Page




Source: SMTOWN

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