Random Happiness

Random Happiness: Final Fantasy X

I recently bought (and by ‘recently’ I mean months ago) “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster” for PS3, and I’m LOVING it.

The HD graphics are awesome, and reliving the nostalgia again for the…8th? 9th? 15th time? I’ve played these games a lot, and I adore them, so the remaster is amazing.

The games come on one disc and it also comes with a 10 minute short “The Final Calm” and a 30 minute audio drama while the credits are rolling.


“The Final Calm” is a 10 minute or so mini drama of what happens to Yuna after she comes back home after she defeats Sin, and the events leading up to X-2.

The 30 minute audio drama follows Kurgum, who would be a summoner on his quest to defeat Sin if it hadn’t been for Yuna’s Eternal Calm, and Chuami, his guardian.

But since there is no Sin, he is an official Sender, who just sends people’s souls after they die.

They have to go to Besaid to speak with Yuna and shit, and that’s when you find out that CHUAMI IS AURON‘S DAUGHTER!

And that Sin has returned, and Yuna and Tidus broke up. WHAT IN SPIRA IS GOING ON????

I need to know if

A) Chuami ever gets to see Auron

B) If they have to go defeat Sin again

1] If they are all going on the pilgrimage. If not, who?

C) What is the name of Wakka and Lulu‘s baby, and what does it look like now?

D) What’s up with everyone else

E) WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET A FFX PREQUEL WITH BRASKA, AURON AND JECHT??? And then an ending drama or something of Auron being sent to Zanarkand to take care of Tidus and the events up to them being sucked up to Spira.

These are important questions that I need answers to.

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