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Vlogs I Love To Follow

I’ve already made a post about this awhile ago, but my vlog watching list has changed since then.

I’ve especially gotten into taking care of my appearance more this year, so this list is going to be a bit more beauty oriented.

1. EYK

Forever and always watching EYK. The kooky Canadian couple in Korea.

Every once in a while they go on adventures in the US, Japan and visit back home in Canada.


2. Bubz

Bubzbeauty, which is her beauty channel for makeup and hair tutorials. Bubzvlogs for her everyday life with husband Tim and their adorable baby, Isaac!

She’s sweet, humble, down to earth and downright adorable. And so’s her family!



3. Michelle Phan

I used to think she was overrated, but she has very nice beauty vlogs. I don’t venture too far into the costume corner of her vlogs, I’m still a novice with makeup.


4. From Head To Toe

I didn’t realize that I had already heard of this vlog until I went a couple hours of watching her stuff, and realized she’s the one who gave Martina of EYK a makeover in that one video…that I’ll post below.

Her videos completely convinced me to buy the Too Faced chocolate bar palette, as well as the Neon electric palette from Urban Decay.


5. CutiePie Marzia

Many of you may know her as PewdiePie‘s girlfriend, but I first watched her videos for her Korean beauty product reviews.

She’s so cute and sweet, and I love her accent.


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