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Random Happiness: iTunes Indie Pop

So, as many of you know, every week iTunes gives away music from artists. A lot are new up and coming pop/indie artists. Some rock, and some are pretty famous.

However, I like indie pop. So that’s where I headed. They have a nice selection of artists this week.

1. Vessels

Vessels have released “On Monos” featuring Snow Fox. I don’t know either artist, but I like the sound of the song. This is from their 3rd album, “Dilate.”



PVRIS has recently released “St. Patrick” from their latest album, “White Noise.”

I just love bands like this. So awesome.



This song sounds so amazing. This is from his debut album. I don’t know the title, but this was released as a pre-release single, “Sea Creatures.”



ANIMA! are a Cape Town-Californian duo, and this is “Breathe,” from their single, “Be Here Now.”


These songs are free on iTunes for one week only. After that, they go back to regular pricing.

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