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My Top 7 Girl Groups (K-Pop)

Well, here we are. Girl groups. Compared to boy bands, I don’t have many favorites.

At least, I think.





So anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Girls Generation 

My first group, soon after I discovered SHINee, I took a look at SNSD. At first, I didn’t like them, and didn’t want to. But I gave in and decided to check them out.

It didn’t take long to fall for them.

My first song from them was “Gee.”


2. 2NE1

Ah yes. The baddest girl group out there, 2NE1. Debuted in 2009 with the help of labelmates, BIGBANG in “Lollipop,” they’ve made quite a name for themselves since then.

They’ve made several appearances on US TV, and CL will make her English debut soon, not to mention she’s taking over Fergie‘s spot for the next Black Eyed Peas album AND she’s collaborating with Florence and the Machine.

Can’t wait!

My first song from them was “Go Away.”


3. 4Minute

I didn’t want to give them a chance at first because of all the bad things being said about HyunA and how slutty everyone said she was, but once I put all that jazz behind me and began liking HyunA, I began liking 4Minute too!

Can’t wait for their mini album, “Crazy” to drop soon!

My first song from them was “Volume Up.”



I discovered these girls right around their debut time, and am so glad I did. They’ve been one of my favorite, not-so-rookie groups (anymore, anyway).

In “Whoz That Girl,” LE reminded me a lot of CL, and since I love CL, I gave them a shot. They’re amazing, and LE is a great composer.

My first song from them (of course) “Whoz That Girl.”


5. KARA 

They’ve been in my top 5 since EVER and even with their current line up, especially since their new member Young Ji is my first KARA bias, I love them more than ever.

From “Step” to now with “Mamamia,” my heart will always have room for KARA.

My first song from them (duh) is “Step.”



They shot their way into my heart with “Russian Roulette,” and stayed there with “You Don’t Love Me” (which is a total lie, of COURSE I love you).

They’re latest, “Ghost,” is beautiful, and a collaboration between Autumn and Sweetune.

My first song from them is “Russian Roulette.”


7. EvoL

Even with the lack of activity, these girls round out my top 7. Since their debut, they’re my second ‘baby 2NE1,” and one of the few girl groups to keep their fierce image.

I hope they have another comeback this year.

My first song from them was “We Are A Bit Different.”

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