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My Top 7 Boy Bands (K-Pop)

Ah, K-Pop and it’s boy bands. So many to choose from. So little space in my heart.

Not really, but it’s hard to keep up with them all. I’ve picked 7 of the boy bands that have shaped my love for Korean pop, from the beginning. It was supposed to be 5, but there were some I just couldn’t leave out.

1. SHINee

Yes, SHINee the first love of my life. Korean love, anyway. Anywho, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, I fell in love with these five boys and couldn’t be happier.

My first song was “Ring Ding Dong,” and my love was solidified with “Lucifer.”


2. 1TYM 

Took SHINee’s place at number one. Sadly, the group hasn’t put out any material since 2005 as a group when member Jinhwan left for the military, but Teddy is still active as a producer and Danny has his own show, DFLA, along with annually hosting KCON.

And Baek Kyoung is a cute lil potato.

Also, they’re a bunch of idiots. See here.

My first song was “Do You Know Me?


3. Super Junior

My second boy band. Big brother group to SHINee, they were member wise, the biggest boy band in K-Pop, with 13 members and with the addition of their Mando-Pop sub unit, grew to 15.

My first song was “No Other.”


4. SS501

Kim Hyun Joong, leader of SS501 was my first favorite actor, and I hadn’t even known that he was a singer until I accidentally ran across their music video one day.

I bought many of their albums physically, because back in 2011, the only SS501 songs on iTunes were from the “Boys Over Flowers” OST.

My first song from them was “Deja Vu.”


5. B2ST

They were my third boy band, and I was instantly hooked. The boys from Cube stole my heart and much of the contents of my wallet. They were one of the few boy bands with all their Korean singles/albums up on iTunes in 2011/cusp of 2012.

My first song from them was “Shock.”



I hated them at first. I didn’t want anything to do with them after viewing “Tonight.” I didn’t like the song, I didn’t like the way they looked, NOTHING.

But after viewing Taeyang‘s solo work and GD&TOP‘s project album, and falling in love with them, I decided to give the fivesome another shot.

And now they own my soul. Go figure.

My first song from them was “Tonight” (and I love now).


7. Shinhwa

Thanks to EYK, I know the awesomeness of Shinhwa. Though a late Changjo, coming it at the time of “Venus,” I love these men as if I had been there from the beginning.

I also have all their albums…well, almost /cough cough “WE” cough cough/. But that hasn’t even been released yet.

Anywho. I really fell for them after listening to their 3rd album, “Hey, Come On.”

My first song from them was “Venus.”

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