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The Drama With Dresslily: Two Sides

Okay, so recently Bubz posted to her Facebook about her bad experience with a site called Dresslily.com.

Just wanted to warn all my friends out there to not shop at DressLily. I learnt my lesson by placing an order with them (over $200 down the drain). I saw some of their clothes advertised on my Facebook and decided to have a look. Since I don’t have much time to be able to shop, I thought shopping online would be most handy. I know shopping on asian websites can be hit or miss but I didn’t think it would be this bad. Since the clothes on the website looked cute, I placed an order. It took over 2.5 months to get my order but I only received 2 pieces out of 8. Here’s another thing. The clothes look NOTHING like the pictures on the website. They most likely copy existing designs by making poor quality replicates. I have messaged them constantly and they are still refusing to issue me a refund by ignoring my messages. Do not shop from them. Poor service. Poor clothing. Poor communication. I usually don’t do this sort of thing but I think I should warn others from this website. If you look at their Facebook page, comments are constantly warning people from shopping here. Please share this and warn fellow shoppers. The fact that the page has over 1 million likes baffles me.

Now that being said, I’ve never had a problem with Dresslily. I’ve recently started shopping there, and I’ve had a pretty good experience so far.

All my items have come in a timely manner, and while I’m still waiting on a pair of leggings, the time window is still right (4-6 weeks) for shipping, so I can’t be mad.

It’s not super high quality, but I don’t expect that from an online shop that ships from overseas.

Now if I was shopping from Vanity, yes, I would expect high quality in a timely manner, especially at their prices, and seeing at how I’ve shopped at their stores in person quite often.

However, I know shopping online can be tricky, especially since Dresslily and its affiliated sites (sammydress, Rosegal, ect) mainly only carry ‘free size’ clothing, aka, one size fits all.

On to other things, yes, affiliates. If you go through each shop’s selection, at first it may seem different. But they carry pretty much the same products, just at varying prices.

Dresslily seems to be the cheapest, followed by sammydress and Rosegal being on the more expensive side.

I WAS going to buy a knitted hoodie at Rosegal, but the problem is I read a review and it’s only over-sized if you’re a Small and it fits best at Medium.

I’m a Large or XL, depending on the shop, so many a sweater or shirt that I fall in love with online I can never have.

To fix this, well, it’s not really a fix, but if I see a cute shirt I have to make sure that it’s loose fitting. If it’s not it probably won’t fit.

I bought one form fitting shirt, and it’s a bit tight, but with a little wear and a run or two in the wash, it’ll fit perfectly.

So in conclusion, in terms of quality, the clothes are very cheap, so I don’t expect much when ordering, and my clothes are either form fitting or loosely comfortable so I have no problem.

Shop with caution though, tons of people hate them. Apparently, they have terrible customer service.

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