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Frugal Fashionista: Dresslily Haul

A mini series! Or perhaps ongoing, I haven’t decided yet. I call it ‘Frugal Fashionista’ because I’m always looking for a deal. I work in a cookie factory and while I am paid rather well for what I do, it’s not like I’m going all out at The Buckle or TJ Max or Khols or anything.

I started shopping online for clothes not too long ago. I hadn’t bought anything other than fandom merch for K-Pop and EYK before, so I was a bit skeptical.

I saw Dresslily advertising cheap clothes, top at like $7.99 or something, and thought I’d take a look.

I took comparison photos just to let you know how their products stack up on girls my size. like I stated in the article before this, I am a Large or XL, depending on the store, but I can wear Medium depending on the brand, however, I won’t take that chance over the internet.


As you can see, while the model has extra cloth scrunching together at the bottom, the fabric on me is cinching my boobs. What you can’t see is it strangling my stomach because it’s so tight.

This is only the second time I have tried to wear this shirt. Never again.



This is not only loose on the model, but myself as well. Though it fits my shoulders better, it’s comfortable and I’m happy with this purchase.



So, this shirt is a wee bit tight on the arms, and that’s about it. Other than that, it fits as depicted on the photo, and it does hug you at the bottom. It goes to my waist but as you can see, it reaches the model’s thighs.



There’s a loose string on my sleeve, and the seam doesn’t quite reach my shoulders, but the rest of the shirt sits quite comfortably on my body.



Here this shirt does not reach past my waist, there are loose strings on the sleeves, and the sleeve don’t reach to my wrists by about half an inch.

Otherwise, the shirt fits comfortably.

The clothes are super cheap and shipping is free worldwide, so try them if you want.

My rating for this haul: 3.5 stars. Why? The loose strings on the clothes that did fit aren’t attractive, and since some seams didn’t reach my shoulder and I was being attacked by my lace shirt.

But like I said in the last article, a lot of people have been disappointed by this site and apparently their customer service sucks.

Shop with caution, lovelies!

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