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I’ve decided to do it here. Most of my internet friends know I run a blog, and a lot of my real-life friends ignore or scoff at my K-Pop posts.

Here, there is no judgement. And if there is, it’s random internet peeps! Hi there!

So here’s the pic, I’ll answer one at a time, in order, to the best of my memory:

kpop list


1. Well, that depends on what you classify as ‘K-Pop,’ if you’re talking about a foray into the English market, BoA‘s “Eat You Up,” because iTunes harassed me until I listened to it.

If we’re talking about J-Pop done by a K-Pop artist it would be “Every Heart,” by BoA because it is the ending theme to the fourth season of one of my favorite animes, “Inuyasha.”

But in all seriousness, once I found out BoA was Korean, I looked her up on YouTube and found “Hurricane Venus.” And that was the beginning of my love affair with K-Pop, cerca October 16, 2011.

Yeah, I know I’m weird for remembering the day. Don’t judge me.


2. As explained above, but in more detail, I was looking for Ayaka‘s “Why,” because the song is lyfe and brings me tears of sadness in remembrance for “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.” I found her album, “First Message,” in hopes that “Why” would be on there.

It wasn’t, but I love the album regardless.

Anywho, iTunes kept harassing me to check out this BoA chick and I didn’t want to. I was a stubborn child. But after I while I finally caved and found the love of my life.


3. Duh, BoA. My QUEEN.

4. Jonghyun from SHINee.

My friend Elizabeth was in math class with me, and I was looking at BoA (college, the teacher didn’t walk around the classroom and it took place in a computer lab. Very easy to screw off.) and she asked me if I like K-Pop.

I only knew BoA then so she suggested SHINee. She is also the one that suggested I watch “Boys Over Flowers.”

Once I watched “Lucifer” and “Ring Ding Dong” I fell in love with my Jonghyun bby.

My first song however, is “Ring Ding Dong” and I remember, because of Jonghyun’s hair.


5. For male, SHINee, for female, Girls Generation.

SM Entertainment was my first stan company before 1TYM slayed me into submission and I became a YG stan.

The first Girls Generation video for me was “Gee,” and I didn’t like it at first because it was so girly.


I had been a tomboy for a good portion of my life. Loose shirts and jeans were my right hand while rap, hip hop, and symphonic metal were my left hand.

Long ago were my Barbie and bubble gum pop days.

But then I re-discovered J-Pop, discovered K-Pop and kittens on the internet, and now I’m back to cute things.

But I still love rap, hip-hop, symphonic metal and comfy clothes. I just like more cute things. Like Girls Generation.

But I still hate pink.

Pink is gross

6. That would be “Lucifer,” but I dance better to “Hello,” both by SHINee.



7. Ugh! Why must you make me choose?

Rookie or veteran? Male or Female?


R: The Legend and EXID

8. The first reality show I ever watch was 1TYM learning Taekwondo, and it’s unfinished. I’LL NEVER SEE DANNY JUMP THROUGH THE HOOP OF FIRE, THE AGONY!!!!

9. Wow, that would be…gosh this is hard, I love so many groups, it’s hard to choose. Shinhwa and SS501.

SS501 because they were one of my favorite groups when I first got into K-Pop, and Shinhwa, because I have all their albums, and love them dearly, even if I came in late (cough cough like at “Venus” cough cough).



10. K-Pop? That would be…wow, this is hard…*goes to Amazon order history* I bought three albums in January of 2012. At least, my first three in one day.

My first one was 1TYM‘s “Once N 4 All” album, followed by BoA‘s Japanese debut album, “Listen To Your Heart,” followed by G-Dragon‘s “Heartbreaker” album.

11. Wow. It’s so hard to imagine 4 years later…I was just starting school, I got back into anime because I needed a distraction from school, and Nightwish was still on hiatus, they hadn’t released “Imaginaerum” yet.

I was also really depressed. I love Spanish. Speaking and reading Spanish is something I prided myself on because I was so good at it. I got compliments on my accent and was practically fluent.

But my roommates did not like it, and forbade me from speaking it in the house. I was constantly asked if I was only going to date a Mexican, if I wanted a taco, and they would mock Spanish to me “Hola, taco, arriba,” etc, ect.

I had no friends in college at this point. I was suffering from depression because my mom and I were not getting a lot at all. I was self harming and self loathing. Suicide was a common contemplation.

It was a pretty dark time.

12. I have found my purpose in life. I started a blog, writing about what I love and it makes me so happy. Though I could facepalm so hard on how much I’ve spent on K-Pop merch, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This music is not just music, but a sub-culture for an international fandom where you can find like-minded people to call friends.

I don’t hate myself anymore. Quite the opposite actually. I’ve found my own niche, I’ve found friends near and far and I’ve met and seen and experienced so much.

If I had to click that iTunes link all over again, you’re damn right I would.

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