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A.KOR’s ‘Always’ Is…Disappointing

What the fuck is this shit? Are you KIDDING ME? Niche jumping? What happened to my badass babies and that one girl…Kemmy?

What have you done? You are now just like every other girl group. Wow. Boring. Not like I haven’t heard five other songs that sound just like this since the year started.

This is A.KOR‘s first comeback since the Park Bom bomb that Kemmy dropped and almost (if not, then quit possibly did) ruined A.KOR for life. I had hope for them. But then they niche jumped with their latest single, “Always.”

Not like I haven’t SEEN five other music videos like this since the year started.

I’m disappointed in you, Doo Republic.

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? I don’t. But if you do, you can’t. Because their music is still not available for download on iTunes in the US store.

Like A.KOR?









Source: republic doo YouTube

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