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Vũ Thảo My’s Self Titled Mini Album

i was randomly strolling through Zingmp3’s website when I found this gem ❤

In 2013, Vũ Thảo My won the second season of “The Voice Vietnam,” under the wing of judge Dam Vinh Hung. She recently released her self-titled debut album, which features 5 tracks.

She went on hiatus for a year after releasing her debut single, “Giấc Mơ Thiên Đường,” featuring  Bùi Anh Tuấn.

I personally love “Walk Away” and “Một Ngày Khác,” and her debut single is BEAUTIFUL.

“Walk Away”


“Giấc Mơ Thiên Đường”


Like Vũ Thảo My?

ZingMp3 Profile which is where you can read her bio and download her songs!


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