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Worldwide Wednesday: What You Gonna Do

OMG, I was so excited when I found this on my YouTube feed. KAZAKY are back with their single, “WHAT YOU GONNA DO.” The music video contains the Catfish remix from their latest album, “I Like It (Part 2)” from 2013.

Even though I was excited to see that they’ve released a new video, it’s not that great of a song. But the visuals! The heels, the bulges, the flexibility, all I was expecting and more. The dance is totally amazing, and the neon shirt dance is off the chain.

And that “Soul Eater“-esque mask-awesome!

/waits for insane EXO-L’s to cry plaigarism over the hexagon/

Screenshot (1741)

because I know my fandom will.

Watch the video here:

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes! I personally like the songs “The Sun,” “I Like It” and “Pulse” the best.







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