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K-Indie Picks 1.20.14

Yay! It’s late and I woke up late but here we are. at least it’s before 3 PM.

This week, I’m featuring females! Hooray!

LiviiWatch and Learn

Watch and learn and probably throw up from swag overload. Not really into ‘swag,’ but LiVii rocks it. She also rocks Barbie and Sailor Moon, which border her video with a retro filter.








Lil ChamDanger

I’ve covered Lil Cham before, but that was waaaaay back. She’s a good rapper, I just haven’t had time to search her out. Regrettably. This is her latest single, featuring Illinit and Jeon Goon. 

It’s pretty awesome, check it out! Don’t forget to check her out on “Unpretty Rapstar“!


iTunes from her latest mini album, “Cham.”





Found her while looking for Lil Cham, and…was surprised. Well, I was and I wasn’t. I was surprised because

1) I thought she said ‘penis’ but it was ‘titties’

2) she outright said the word ‘pussy’ and I about fell out ma damn chair.

The overall sound of the song is okay. I want to hear more from her. I’m still iffy. Maybe I just shocked my system a little bit.

This song also features Illinit.






Cheetah100 km

She too will be on “Unpretty Rapstar,” so I figured I’d check her out. She’s not too bad, a little rough, but she has potential. This is from her mini album, “CHEETAH ITSELF.”

I can’t embed the video, so visit it here.


no SNS found


Like the list? Stay tuned for more Indie Picks!

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