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My Korean Cosmetic Addiction

So, YouTube isn’t working which means I can’t write my regular articles. I suppose I’ll have to write the one I’ve been putting off forever.

After my trip to California, I fell in love with Tony Moly face masks, which was the beginning of my love affair with Korean cosmetics.

A little while later, I looked up some websites, and so far, besides Amazon and EBay, where the products are usually the cheapest, I’ve found W2Beauty to be rather well priced and worldwide free shipping doesn’t hurt either!

first makeup haul

My first haul from W2Beauty consisted of Skinfood Lecithin Base Mascara, Skinfood Black Bean Eyeline Pencil, and they both came with several freebies, including A’PIEU Mineral Mono Shadow, Tony Moly hand creme (which is BOMB, my skin was soft all night), Skinfood Rice Wash off Mask, some Korean candy (apple flavor, wasn’t super great but not terrible) and beeswax stuff I can’t use since I’m allergic to bees.

The second time around, I just went small. I have dry skin, so I thought I’d get some lotion for ma face. So I got Oriental Garden Red Ginseng lotion.


This came with a free Nature Republic face mask. It was okay, but I’m so Tony Moly biased it isn’t even funny.

I ordered this Holika Holika BB Cream from a different site since it was cheaper there, but I don’t remember where and I can’t find the receipt in my email. It does a pretty nice job, but I sweat a lot in the factory, so it melts off my face by the time I get off work.


However, outside of work, it lasts a good long while.

After I stepped away from the computer and wept over the emptiness of my wallet, I decided to go back for more.

The next haul included a Skinfood Choco Smokey Volume Mascara, which arrived with my order of Tony Moly Tomatotox, Skinfood Black Sugar Foam Scrub and my Skinfood Pineapple Morning Peeling Gel.


The Tony Moly Tomatotox hurt my skin, which is weird because Tony Moly products NEVER do that. I won’t be ordering it again, nor will I try their Appletox, just to be safe.


However, the peeling gel does WONDERS for my skin, as does the black sugar scrub. The sugar scrub is softer on my than the peel, and it actually forms a nice lather.

peeling skinfood scrub

The sample that came were the Etude House masks, which is where I fell in love with the Moist Up! Sleeping Pack. I never did get to try the clay one, it mysteriously went missing >_>

Next to arrive was my Skinfood Rice Wash Off Mask, which does BEAUTIFUL things to my skin. The rice grains aren’t rough, and it makes my skin feel nice and smooth.


This came with several samples. So far I’ve only tried the HERA  Waterim, and it’s pretty nice. I have yet to try the Age Defense Firming Cream from Etude House, or the Snail Solution from Nature Republic. Just a little hesitant to wipe snail slim on my face.



The last thing I bought were some Tony Moly I’m Real face masks, which smelled just as advertised (Tea tree smelled like tea tree, lemon smelled like lemon, etc etc) except for tomato…that one didn’t really have a smell.

tonymoly mask

But that’s okay, it’d be a bit weird if I go around smelling like tomatoes. This came with several samples, Tony Moly BCDation, Nature Republic Aqua Combination Watery Cream and Baviphat Mango Steam Scrub.


That’s it for this time, I might be back with something new sometime soon though, so stick around!

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