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Throwback Thursday: I Can Do It

This TT is dedicated to my friend Dara, who loves NRG.

NRG, which stands for ‘New Radiancy Group,’ debuted in 1997 with their single, “할 수 있어,” from their self titled debut album.

The song was recently remade by HSgR, a project group of old school male K-Pop artists Heejun, Tony (both from H.O.T), Danny (g.o.d), Ji Won (Sechs Kies), and Myeong Hoon, an original member of NRG.

The band went through ups and downs, losing and gaining members (sadly, member Kim Hwa Sung died of pneumonia in 2000), bouncing from 3 to 5 members, until their final disbandment in 2006 because of their mandatory military services.

They released seven singles, seven albums, two compilation albums and two live albums.

This song tho. It makes me happy 🙂

Watch the remake here:

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes! Also, buy the remake on iTunes!

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