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More EXILE and E-Girl MV’s I Missed (more catching up on J-Pop)

Recently I caught up with some J-Pop videos I meant to watch, but forgot three. At least.

Two of them are EXILE, Happiness and one is an E-Girls music video.

First up is EXILE’s “O.R.I.O.N,” which starts off all dramatic and prophetic like EXO‘s “MAMA” (yes I know, EXILE was first, but I heard EXO first so there) and then we hit the club!!!

It’s a pretty catchy diddy.

Watch the music video here:

Next up is “C.O.S.M.O.S” which is sexy. Yes, sexy. And also has ballet dancers in the background at one point, which is somewhat confusing…but it’s EXILE so whatevs.

Next is E-Girls, with “Move It.” This is from their 3rd album, “E.G. Time.”

It’s catchy and sounds cute and groovy.

Watch the music video here:

Last but not least is Happiness with “Seek a Light” which was a single released back in November of 2014.

Everything seemed normal until they got to the colored outfits. Sometimes I worry about their stylist.

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